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11-11-2011, 04:53 PM
Comic was awesome Genex. Loveheart sold it! Great to hear the plug for The Trust Fleet's RP vid. Checked it out again.

The interview was awesome. Zero has a great sense of humor "Hes not a Kirk." rofl. A true TOS girl, Kirk and Scotch (

Really interesting to know that QA really has to bang their heads together into reproducing the conditions. I'd imagine this process of trying to reproduce bugs has also lead to finding new unknown bugs, so I can see the merit of it.

The office layout also makes it funnier to see tweets like " Overheard in QA: I just got an Epic Chef Drop! " When the whole STO team can hear that it must make for a great atmosphere. Really good way to make communication simpler, and I guess all those times Devs say on the forums " I'll give X a ping/poke about that " is really just a poke or a paper airplane across the row of cubes. XD

Team play-tests? Any ninja looters? *cough Gozer cough*

I was wondering who this " nin nik " person was and why his questions and feedback were the same as mine. Thanks for asking my questions guys, and really enjoyed this Priority One, especially the time taken to address last time's feedback..

<3 Ny~nik.