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11-12-2011, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by Aerimus13 View Post
Last I checked it was going for about 14 bucks a share. I know one of us could not buy enough shares to make them care that is why I proposed that we get together as a community and buy the shares. In essence we would be taking over the company. If each person bought what was easy on their budget then we might be able to get close to 51 percent. In reality we would not have to have a controlling interest but a large enough block to make them take notice.

I know this might not be feasible but I thought I would throw it out there are and have a discussion about it.

What made me think out this is the Occupy Wall Street movement. I got to thinking what if everyday normal people got together and bought stocks in companies and come together and created controlling interest so the culture of corruption and greed in these companies could be nullified. I guess I was just have a thought experiment but I really don't see how we as consumers can get companies to listen to us unless we figure out a way to make them think of the bottom line.
Problem is that PWI is also a US version of a holding company owned via offshore interests. The main parent is PW and is owned and operated via a joint venture with a Gov't entity. You will never be able to buy controling interest in a company such as this. That parent will not let this happen.

All it will do is make their stock prices go up via demand.