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11-12-2011, 10:21 AM
There are serious problems at Cryptic, obviously. They can't fix bugs, make game play, patch or make decent decisions.

They have computers, employee's and the program but they don't make content. Just think how different this game would be if they would have made a STF every month.

I think they just made c-store items because they believed the IP would be enough to keep people subscribing. Just making c-store items for the feeder bar people. Massive amounts of subscribers left and we are where we are today, then feeder bar people went somewhere else for their fix.

If they would have been making content this whole time. They probably wouldn't have had to be sold or have to switch to F2P. I seen people begging for content, they wanted to support Cryptic and STO. Instead they put everything in the c-store basket.