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11-12-2011, 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by DenizenVI
So your suggestion is to build foundry-quality missions themselves so we get a new mission every week without new art assets? How is this any different from foundry missions made by players? Do you just want more daily rewards? I would rather the devs use their resources to make new stuff than rehash things we can already rehash.
No... I said that NOT EVERY piece of new playable content needs new assets.

Let me use Lego sets as an example... There are a fixed number of types of lego pieces in each phase of lego products. And yet with the variety of colors, and the ability to combine them in infinite ways, the possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the builder.

It is the same with mission building.

I would not mind seeing an official content writer using the same exact tools that foundry authors have access to, and deploy their missions directly into the game instead of having them secured behind a protective wall that separates UGC from official content. Content is content after all, and as long as it is officially made, and it keeps coming, who are we to complain.

But the point is we don't even have THAT, but we COULD if Cryptic were to stop monkeying around with stuff that is on the horizon when they need to be dealing with what is going on right here and right now.

I think you knew what I was talking about.