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Several days ago, before I bought my right to speak by resubbing, I posted this to the unofficial f2p board:

In all honesty, after a conversation with Peregrine_Falcon last night, I have decided to let go of some of my angst. At this time, I am unsubscribed and so cannot see what is really going on with the updates to Tribble. But he has. He has been very critical of Cryptics decisions in the past, and he is okay with a lot of what they are doing. I trust his judgment so if Cryptic's most recent actions have calmed many of his concernse, I guess I can let mine rest a while.

Scary, isn't it?

The Biggest problem, after deciding not to look at everything through through fire and brimstone tinted glasses, is that we are not being shown the big picture.

I think that if Cryptic really cares about their product, they are putting together a puzzel of many pieces that when finished, will look awesome. The problem is, the surface they are putting the puzzel together on has an ugly picture painted on it. Right now we are seeing more of the ugly picture than we are seeing of the picture printed on the puzzel.

Do I think they are making bad decisions? Yes. Especially with including Dilithium in the requirements for crafting, and the fact that they are trying to monetize everything. I know they need to make money, but if they would focus on building stuff that people would not mind paying for if they had no other recourse, then the money would be there.

They are overcomplicating a simple solution, and angering a lot of people who should be looking forward to the changes. They need to take a step back and realize that unlike just a year ago, there are now a lot of options for gamers to consider. Many major MMOs have converted to Free-to-play. So there are those. Skyrim comes out in three days, and at the same time, MineCraft will be ending beta and launching as v1.0.

So with all the options being presented to gamers now, this is not the time for core design principles to become introvertive. MMO developers need to pay attention to what the MMO community as a whole needs and desires out of a game. and do whatever it takes to provide it. Because if they cannot get it with one, they will go to another to get it.
Now some of the angst I had let go of is back. But it is because of Mr. D'Angelo's flippant "I'm sad that things didn't happen" statement, when he is now effectively the man in charge under a company that we were told wants to spend the money it takes to get STO on track. It's more of them talking the talk, but conveniently failing to walk the walk.

I still think that they can do great things even if they stick to their current path. But they have to remember that on a long journey, it is necessary to make some stops along the way. If I were to drive from the east coast to the west coast, if I didn't stop to get some food and sleep, I would pass out behind the wheel from exhaustion and lack of food.

That's what Cryptic is doing to us. They are taking us on a long journey, but there is no food coming. In this case, food is content and the journey is this protracted conversion to F2P.

I'm all for them moving ahead with their plans, but they need to remember that they have a product that is out there and live RIGHT NOW and address the issues it has right here and right now. It's like a small grocery store that has a big store under construction and cannot wait until they can serve so many more customers. Treating the current customers like vermin is not a good idea. Because a lot of them will even darken the door when the new and bigger store opens.

Oh... and if you are the guy who rode with the girl to the dance, you had better dance with her or you may find yourself walking home...