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11-12-2011, 02:43 PM
Originally Posted by Mawby View Post
This doesn't provide any incentive to actually grind through these missions if you already have some decent gear equipped on your tunes.
While I do agree that the crafted gear is more or less pointless for those of us at max level (or lower even... my KDF tactical that played through all these missions got crafted gear from my main, no reason to get this grind/craft gear.. perhaps it will only help brand new players...)...

I disagree with the quoted part, if only because I received a cool new weapon I dont think you can get elsewhere (purple Borg Prosthetic - Medical Drone Mk X [DOTx2]). While I may not use this everywhere, the secondary ability (a slow+chance stun effect) seems like it could be fun in some situations.

And I say someone with a Borg Prosthetic - Tactical Drone Mk X (think it was Damagex2), looks pretty cool as well.

Makes me think there is an engineering drone weapon as well.

But after getting these unique weapons plus the better remodulator (or 5 of them for you and your BOffs), I don't see a NEED to go back here, there I probably will often enough since I find the missions fun, and wouldn't mind helping others out on the hard missions (plus a lot of the rewards are BOE, so can sell them )