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11-12-2011, 02:58 PM
I gave my specific reviews in each of the other feedback threads, but just wanted to comment on the overall event here.

First of all, good job. While you can't please everyone, pretty much everyone I have grouped with over the past couple days has had a great time playing through everything. In my opinion, when you get a group together, say something like "Lets do City hard", and one single person hasn't unlocked up to there yet... well, it's a sign that people really enjoy the game when instead of dropping the player (like I've seen in so many other cases), everyone happily grinds through all the Easy/Medium missions to get that player up to the hard mission. That, in my opinion, shows that you did a very good job with this content.

However, just so you know, now that we've seen what you can do, we are fully expecting you to release more of the same. The Borg Space invasion was fun for a while, but THIS is the kind of thing you guys need to create more often

Now as a side note, are there any accolades with the Ground invasion, havent seen any so far?