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11-12-2011, 11:45 PM
Originally Posted by grandmasteroz View Post
did you honestly expect to get anything less than this? i mean, seriously, "official nerf powers post". think about that for a second.

ok now that youve thought about how stupid this was in the first place, do you really expect anyone to take this seriously? people that cry nerf are people that dont know how to play the game or are spoiled brats that want an I WIN button for them and no one else. adjustments, sure, why not- everything in the game could use an adjustment to balance game play. but all out nerf? good luck
Actually if you know your gaming history for this game there are and were many overpowered abilties. If you think the game was absolute pristine spotless perfect your dead wrong. Just because someone wants a power nerfed does not mean they don't know how to play or are spoiled brats. There is always a legitmate concerns with powers in the game. So now you thought how stupid your comment was in the first place, do you really think for a minute that what you said really makes any sense? Please refer to the " History of STO PvP " thread to get an understanding of what has happend in almost 2 years because you clearly have no idea. Thanks!