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11-13-2011, 12:13 AM
Originally Posted by genxcraig View Post
Well that's just many people are going to pay them just for mostly useless shinies, many will play them for the one very useful piece you can get and many, many more still wont' play them because you have to grind them over and over and over to get something useful.
The only reason I'm putting myself through this horror of a grind is to test for myself. I will flatly refuse to do STF's if the reward is lackluster and you have to run 180 STF runs for an entire set (if you're REALLY unlucky).

EDIT: The saving grace is that the STF's on normal are easier than before. I've tried Elite. I won't bother... If Normal isn't worth it, receiving injuries and getting nowhere progress-wise is a total non-starter.