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Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
This is the thread for all feedback for the base camp section of the Defera Borg invasion map.

Discussion points:
  • How clear are the objectives here?
  • Does the setup make sense?
  • General mission bugs.
  • General art bugs.
The objectives are NOT clear for either the City or Temple missions. I believe that you need to populate the Mission tracker to tell the players what needs to be done, how many times it needs to be done, and what objectives remain to be completed. My thought is that as a player uses the transporter pads to get to the various areas, their mission tracker is automatically populated with objectives after the beam-over is completed.

Also, it is not clear whether a player is playing easy, medium, or hard. There needs to be an easier way to know what level you are playing. This goes along with knowing what objectives need to be completed.