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11-13-2011, 10:39 AM
Originally Posted by UpsilonStation
First let me nip some responses in the bud...YES I KNOW this is a game. But there is a difference between suspension of disbelief for fantasy/imaginary elements of the game and ignoring logic, reason, and knowledge of elements of the game.
Are you sure you know this is a game?

1) It's not only a game, it is a game based on a fictional universe, that has primarily appeared on TV and Movie screens. The rules it follows are narrative. If someone is a hot shot pilot named Tom Paris, it doesn't matter if you put him in a Delta Flyer or a Intrepid Class Cruiser, he'll still fly it awesomely.

2) Have you watched what the Captains are actually doing when they command their starships? Sitting in their chairs, ordering others aroun?

How much does it look to you like what a Pilot or a Driver is doing?
Comparing the Captain of a starship to a bus driver is highly questionable. Whatever parallels you are drawing ... I am afraid they actually meet each other before reaching infinity.

As a Captain, I do not fly on manual control with a joystick most of the time. I give orders. I can give orders regardless of whether I sit in a Galaxy Class ship or a Stargazer ship, just like how Captain Picard did before me.

3) In the real world, we don't suddenly stop learning because we reach some kind of skill cap. We keep doing it. There is no reason I should have to "forget" about flying an Escort before I can fly a Cruiser normally. But for game reasons, we have a skill cap, so we have to make meaningful "game" choices. But once you have decided which ship you want to fly - well, there is no point in reeinforicing that choice by spending skill points just for that ship. It's a superflous restrictions. Maybe a good idea if you want to sell Respecs, but that's it.