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# 1 The Time has Come
11-13-2011, 11:03 AM
My Klingon brothers, we are all well aware of the treachery of the J'mpok and his allies, and it is time the we restore true honor to the Empire, we must overthrow J'mpok!

Yeah..anyhoo, i thought of this while reading the Federation/Klingon Peace treaty idea that was thrown out a while ago. Through out every series of Star Trek, there has always been unstable government, and I feel that STO doesnt take advantage of the political factors of their own universe. Maybe that peace treaty isnt such a bad idea, if the Klingons split up maybe between factions supporting J'mpok and a challenging house (maybe players can choose sides?) they could introduce a more concentrated Romulan or Dominion threat or something. It would really shake things up on the Klingon side, and make the whole story line a whole lot more interesting. Just my two bits, of course this would happen in like season 9 or 10, but just throwing it out there. Thanks!