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11-13-2011, 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by Zeuxidemus
Well usually any time something is dumbed down or broke down to be made shorter there are very good reasons behind doing so other than calling it a grind fest.

1. The reason to dumb it down is not everyone you come across is going to be in the average intelligence to above average (every village has a village idiot and even given that they are still ppl wanting to have fun so they gotta be able to win too).

2. In some places in the world it is considered torture to be subjected to having to play (or be in any form of contact) for hours with some people I've come across in STO.

3. Also some people have other priorities and do not have excessive time blocks to sit and play (theres no telling what my kids would do if I had to sit for 3+ hours... also would be considered child neglect) I'm sure you did not see that one coming.

4. Most of us we are here for the Star Trek and are not here to be subjected to how your fleet or friends likes to play the game. So in a lot of cases we either like to be left alone or as short of a time period as possible to be in communication with you for STF's. (This may an addition to #2) But as it may ppl commonly will say this a MMO yer susppossed to play with us, and I respond attitudes like that make you look really ignorant to the fact that I want nothing to do with you.
Nobody forced you to play the old stfs.

On the general subject:
I'm a little on the edge here.... i kind of like the new stfs, at least the space parts.
But i liked the old ones too.
I wold rather have seen new missions like the new stfs and kept the old ones... or the new stfs additional to the old ones...