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11-13-2011, 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I'm not sure I agree. That's a painfully slow storyline progress and I'd really prefer to see it developed faster than the ... the Titans plot in ********, both of which developed faster than the Iconians have to date.
Not having played CoH, the Titans plot in ******** is one of the most plodding plots I can think of - not counting its roots in ******** III's, the story had its roots in Uldaman, and has hit dungeons and raid instances in every expansion except Burning Crusade, and if I'm not misunderstanding the Cataclysm timeline, Azeroth still hasn't seen a real live Titan since Sargeras's last visit, only constructs.

That is pretty much the kind of progression the Iconians have been on with an extra five or six years of it going on. Which is fitting for entities that share the supreme seat of their respective games. Many story arcs have run to their conclusion and major enemies laid to rest and the supreme enemies are still pretty much unknown quantities.