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Originally Posted by LEONHART View Post
Hmm killingmesoftly, Im not sure i remember what tact team is good for a heal cruiser?

I always used FAW1 vs Torps, had a full beam layout... thoughts on pros/cons?

also does aux still provide bonus to turn rate?
If you're inclined to run a beam load out, then absolutely consider using Tac Team and BFAW 1/2.

Tactical team is widely considered to be so-good-it's broken due to it's ability to buff both your weapons and shields sumultaneously and lends itself well to being combined with Power to Weapons and EPS Transfer. It's almost a mandatory power.

BFAW has been... made less effective since they toned its duration back, but its still, obviously a good option for Engineers running 'crowd control' or tank builds. Doubly so when considering a Beam loadout.

Torp Spread right now is also excellent, as while it "only" does 75% of the damage that an equivalent Torpedo high yield volley will achieve, it applies it to multiple targets. There is a lot of very controversial feedback on this ability right now because people are reportedly managing to achieve critical hits of 60K+.

Torp Spread is especially fantastic if you have a team member supporting you with Tyken's Rift and/or Gravity Well.