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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Not having played CoH, the Titans plot in ******** is one of the most plodding plots I can think of - not counting its roots in ******** III's, the story had its roots in Uldaman, and has hit dungeons and raid instances in every expansion except Burning Crusade, and if I'm not misunderstanding the Cataclysm timeline, Azeroth still hasn't seen a real live Titan since Sargeras's last visit, only constructs.

That is pretty much the kind of progression the Iconians have been on with an extra five or six years of it going on. Which is fitting for entities that share the supreme seat of their respective games. Many story arcs have run to their conclusion and major enemies laid to rest and the supreme enemies are still pretty much unknown quantities.
The thing is... STO doesn't have to close up shop once the Iconians are dealt with. They are one of many world shaking threats. A 3-4 year arc with a somewhat closed ending would be plenty.

With the Titans, they want to reboot the ******** universe. They created that universe. It's the story of going up against literal gods; even the Preservers in Star Trek aren't that involved in the lore, even though they created most of the species, including humans. And I think a big reason they're holding that plotline on reserve in WoW is it actually does give them the option to reboot ******** as a property down the line if they want to.

And even then, there are now a ton of cases in WoW where you learn about the Titans or interact with their tech. Revelations unfold like the gnomes starting as clockwork creatures or how the humans are mutated Vrykull. And they kept players distracted by having one big threat or another always emerge, all of which could be traced to Sargeras, the Old Gods, or the Titans but with a relationship just enough beneath the surface to keep your main focus on the villain... while also planting the seed of that connection every time.

I still have no clue how the Iconians made the Federation apathetic about the Undine or made the Klingons warlike again when most of them seemed quietly eager to move beyond that or how they got the Terran Empire up and running again.

What we could use in STO is a conspiracy theorist with a blackboard showing how everything MIGHT be connected. It's be a great use for the DS9 augments or someone like them.