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11-13-2011, 05:13 PM
Originally Posted by NX-89
Totally support this. Always felt the Klingon side to be lacking without Martok - he was legendary. It's a shame he can't be brought back somehow. I'm tempted to go to Quadra Sigma, hijack the temporal portal and fetch him back!

It would be good canon Klingon wise to have some form of system whereby the player could pledge alligance to a specific House - could also tie in with territory-control and PVP related aspects of the game as an extension. But yeah - we Klingons definately need some political intrigue and back-stabbing just to make it feel more...homely.
I'm likeing the idea of subfactions within the KDF. Since it was J'm'Pok that deposed Martok, there has to be much animosity between his house and that of Lady Sirrella's. Especially since the revived House of Duras greatly supports J'm'Pok. There is much potential for PvE roleyplaying exploring the conflict between the three houses.

Last I checked, there are seven or eight great houses in the Empire. It would be wonderful if the players could declare themselves to a house(on a weekly or monthly basis), and the results of their actions were tallied up. Daliy House Missions, and the results of KvK arena, assault, capture, and space war missions could be recorded and influence the house score based on the performance of the player. There could be a scoreboard for each of the Houses to see who controls the Empire for the week. A benifit of this could be cheaper prices at vendors, and less samples for crafting items.