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11-13-2011, 06:20 PM
Originally Posted by zsgboomtown View Post
Yeah say that when a klink GANKS you, decloaks, photonic shock wave, knocks your sheilds down, then fires a tricobolt point blank, i dont mind getting gank, most cases's i servive, but being that close and they should take dmg too,
There is a huge difference between "Friendly Fire" and being hurt by your own weapons.
Friendly Fire off in most games makes you unable to kill your allies, but if you drop a nade at your own feet its still gonna kill ya.

Friendly fire fails in all games, either your gettin TK'd cause your in the line of fire in most FPS, or you like most kids. Put the the biggest gun on, with the most bullets/torps/cannons/beam runn in full speed and shoot everything,, AKA spray and prey method.
Oh yes, and the griefers running around TK'ing is so totally my own fault.
Please... There is absolutely nothing positive about TK'ing in any game, and there never will be.
It is a mechanic that is easily and will always be abused and even accidental TK's by other players will result in a hailstorm of profanity and flaming that can result in suspensions.


Wouldnt matter anyways, for hardcore gamers we got to put up with the cryers and people wanting to NERF everything because its too powerfull or other wise they dont have the skills to defend or in most case's in a fed party, they cant play as a team.
Hardcore gamers? Then you really should go find another game to play, because STO is not by any streach of the imagination a "Hardcore" game, nor should it ever be so.