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Originally Posted by zsgboomtown View Post
I agree. just in PVE enviroments, FF is off, in PVP maps and areas, Its on. simple.
Freindly fire should be part of any PVP, make caution on where and how to use em,
I have mentioned this before in another post, but in any case,

Making characters refrain from using skills they have purchased with precious character points is just simple good sense OP, and I appreciate your journey into making the battlefield more realistic. While you're at it, may I also add the following to what characters should also be thinking about on PVP maps:

Deep space flights sometimes make crewmen unstable (a la Gary Mitchell). Therefore, add a mechanic where a ships phasers sometimes just fire at a random target, or not all. Perhaps a coolant leak, drove the poor boff mad.

Speaking of crewmen, anytime the Federation captain flies into combat against three or more ships and fires first (or the KDF captain DOESN'T), introduce a mechanic where the crew mutinies. This manifests itself in the Crew statistic on a player's ship attritting itself and refusing to activate Tactical, Science, and Engineering teams. Hey, if you don't want to abide by the doctrine of your government,its unreasonable to expect full cooperation from its citizens among your crew.

Holographic constructs are kinda loopy as well, as Moriarity aboard Enterprise-D can show you. Therefore offer a change that allows a Science Captain's Photonic Fleet a 90% / 60% / 30% chance (depending on player Skill Rank) to shoot at the player's and/or allied ships in an attempt to become free entities.

Tactical officers are always supercharging things, and this can get dangerous. Therefore, introduce a mechanic that could potentially allow HYT to detonate in the tubes prior to firing, taking the torpedoes entirely offline and causing minor kinetic damage.

Introduce real collision mechanics with space debris (becasue as we all know, Navigational deflectors are for shootin' Really Big SFX Gunz, not deflecting navigational hazards). No more of this "flying ridiculously close to planetary debris at full speed" convention--captain's must THINK about their course!

Lets face it, shooting thru space stations and blasting planets with ship-based weaponry is basically air support, and ANY modern military/We Were Soldiers can tell you it can go wrong. So lets be more realistic as ships try to target through atmospheres, account for starship velocity and vector, and account for destructive capability without decompressing the area around players and his allies on ship/station maps, and sometimes...less the higher the Engineer skill...have Orbital Strike slam right onto the Away Team for an automatic Crit (due to sheer surprise) instead of opponents.

The Fleet Support Ability sometimes calls in vessels of the enemy PVP faction (SOS doesn't discriminate).

(P.S. Is this enough, or do i need a bigger hammer?)