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11-13-2011, 07:02 PM
Originally Posted by Trinoya View Post
I find it interesting how you're talking down on its powers, which means as far as I'm concerned you clearly are bias against it to begin with. It's really easy to disregard another persons oppinions when you feel they are not being objectionable.

Simple fact is other ships are getting consoles for freaking cloaking devices, excelsior should have gotten an extra science slot at the very least for the console, hell the T3 version did get an extra slot I believe.
all i'm saying is that the excelsior should have as many console slots as any other t5 ship. they buffed the console to get some in-combat use and i'm ok with it. take the power bonus and the transwarp stuff or use a sci console. your choice. giving the excelsior more console slots than any other freakin' ship out there is a no go.