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11-13-2011, 09:05 PM
Originally Posted by -GEN-Alaris
That's not what I'm getting at. I'm saying that the Excelsior now has to waste a slot on its special ability, denying the Captains who fly it the use of that slot for something more useful.

While... every other ship basically has no change. It got nerfed. And I can't see why, in any terms, it would need to be nerfed. It wasn't broken, why mess with it?
I fail to see the logic in it being nerfed. It has the same slots as all other T5 ships now. Yes I have one one on tribble i was messing with. And i also have a T5 tac escort retrofit. I was actually glad to see that all the T5 ships have the same amount of console slots.

Big deal, now you have to choose if you want to keep the console in there or replace it with something else. Just like all the other T5 craft now. And with it being a universal console. You can put it in any slot you want. I find having every T5 ship with the same amount of slots more balanced. Also If you noticed with the Dreadnought and Multi-Vector they changed them from being RA - VA ships. So those two gaining a console slot seemed fitting anyways.

As for the T5 tac escort retrofit. It honestly needed the boost in my opinion. The Fleet escort had more console slots then it did.

The T5 Excelsior really hasn't been nerfed. Instead the rest have just been brought up to it's level. And the power gain from that console more then compensates for the fact that it takes a slot up.