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Originally Posted by Roach View Post
I agree. I too would like to see a " threaten and intimidation " approach added to the choices at Drozana when dealing with him. Later they could add a "Guile and Threaten " option for the Romulans.

Actually we Klingons like McCoy very much. He drinks alot, enjoys life and is opinionated, not to mention his Singular Wit.
I like this idea! the option to have a brawl in a bar would be great for Klingons, I was just at Windycon where the Klingon Christmas Carol folks and my ship redid a partyroom into a Klingon bar of sorts, I even had a custom Klingon cup made as a prop for this!, The one thing I mention after was that one thing was missing, Some romulan, vulcan or a human ear hanging on the wall by the bar! (prosthetic of course) or even a plastic skull! I read in a star trek novel how in this one bar people that lost fights in this one bar got to leave behind decorations!!

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