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11-13-2011, 08:12 PM
Originally Posted by Wolfpack-NZ
Mines, torpedos, spreads, tribbles, FAW, friendly fire... There is far too many nerfs in this game. Why should everything wind up having to be dumbed down for the sake of a few that complain and can't handle it?? A lot of this game is war, fighting, blowing s... up. Hate to point out the obvious but that environment does cause damage, we're not shooting fluffy ducks, we're firing weapons!!

The better question to ask is why can't Cryptic strike the right balance the first time? Freeze-grenades, ghostbuster guns, Cannon Scatter volley 2.0, viral matrix 1.0.....any of those overpowered abilities ring a bell? Why must everything Cryptic does be a massive overpowered/underpowered yo-yo? They are the ones that are supposed to be the experts.

The most obvious answer is they don't pay any attention to pvp balance what so ever. The next most obvious answer is they don't pay any attention to the theory crafters that have far more mmo experience than cryptic does. the answer after that is that Cryptic doesn't even play its own game.