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11-14-2011, 04:28 AM
Originally Posted by zsgboomtown View Post
I agree. just in PVE enviroments, FF is off, in PVP maps and areas, Its on. simple.
Freindly fire should be part of any PVP, make caution on where and how to use em,
Didnt say that. I want.... again for certain abilitys.... Friendly fire all over the game.

It never made sense to me that one ship is somehow imune to an enviromental hazard createt by another ship... or even by the own one... just because they are on the same side.

Warp plasma is simply warp plasma in space, it should have the same effect on EVERYTHING that passes it.
A Tykens rift or Gracity well is a space anomaly, once createt beyond control of its creator; it also should have the same effect on absolutley everybody and everything...
Antimatter spread is not a targertet attack, is anti matter spreaded randomly arround you.... it should have the same effect on everything it hits.