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11-14-2011, 04:44 AM
Minigun Spreads - Should Hit everyone in front of you
Energy Blasts - Should hurt everyone in the radius
Multi-Beam Phaser Rifles - Should hit anyone in front of you
Grenades - Should Burn, Stun, Expose and lower the perception of allies and enemies alike
Suppression Fire - Should lower the damage and run speed of everyone
Dampening Field - Should affect everyone in the radius
Colliding with someone's ship should automatically destroy both ships - Who needs Ramming speed anymore
Firing weapons through people - Totally unrealistic, anyone in the way of the blast should be hit
Warp plasma - Affects everyone
Rifts - Affect everyone
AOEs - Affect Everyone
Scramble Sensors - Jams everyone
Antimater Spread - Screws everyone
Engineer Mortars - Should hit anyone in the blast radius
Charged Particle Burst - Should decloak everyone
Nebula Cloak Detection - Should decloak everyone
Emission Seeking Torpedo - Should hit the closest target friendly or not.
Point Defence - Should shoot down every projectile
Fire At Will - Shoots down every projectile
Gravity Well - Sucks everyone in
Tyken's Rift - Drains everybody

People should be able to shoot one another on the ground - If you miss and hit your buddy = Bad day for them
Boffs randomly shoot you because the AI sucks - Poor day for you
Crowds of enemy NPCs killing each other because they suck - Hilarious day for you

There is your 'realism'.
Either you do realism properly or you do not do it.
Simple as that.