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11-14-2011, 05:11 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Unfortunately FF died not becuase of being too realistic for the playerbase to adapt to, but becuase some players where not mature enough to not grief with it and the Devs did not disable the power in social areas.
well fire atwill has still the tac officer of the ship picking targerts, so thats not friendly fire.
And scrambe sensors is a prety destict attack, unlike antimatteer spread its not just throwing crap arround and hoping it effects the enemy, it is a sensor probe infecting the enemys sensor and screwing up their friend/foe detection with probably some kind of virus (since it uses the same skills as viral matrix thats imo the reasonable term), so that shouldnt be ff, too, in my opinion.

for the major part of the rest i'd agree...
And for the griefers... why not just disabling combat in social zones generally...
Would deffinitly increase admiral quinns survival chances if theyforget next time while creating new kdf ships to change transwarp after copy/pasteing fedships..