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11-14-2011, 05:19 AM
Smart Target is a complete garbage justification. Bullets do not magically distinguish between friend or foe and miniguns dont just switch off when your literally SPRAYING them. This is EXACTLY what the miniguns, pulsewaves and High Density Rifles do by affecting everything within the cone.

Anything with a cone effect WOULD affect EVERYONE in that cone.
As such friendly fire 'realism' demands these weapons hit EVERYONE in that cone and Line of Sight of the weapon.
End of Discussion.

I will TOTALLY enjoy being on ground zones or Starfleet Academy with folks spraying cone weapons all over the place and these powers screwing everyone.

FF has no place in STO, the playerbase cannot handle it, the game mechanics cannot handle it and Cryptic have made it repeatedly clear Gameplay > Realism.