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I know that the Doff system is still in flux; however, itís important that a by faction filter be added to the exchange to help players find doffs for use with their faction.

Up till recently I had 16 KDF Doffs happily serving onboard my T 5.5 Excelsior; however, today, only the Klingon Prisoners still serve a purpose on my ship.

All joking aside, I picked up most of those KDF Doffs a few weeks ago from the exchange and I was able to send them out on Fed Doff assignments without any problems but now I cannot do anything with them.

Iíd like to mail them to my KDF Toon but it seems that Doffs cannot be attached has mail yet.

Iíll miss my Klingons Chefs, they made some great Gagh and my Klingon advisor always had the best fashion tips :p

Darn it, now Iíve got to go out and find an entertainer that knows Klingon show tunes