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11-14-2011, 09:13 AM
Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Star trek in general is full of complete garbage techno-babble explanations, why start critigueing them now?
What techno-babble explanation does Star Trek invent for weapons working on enemies but not on allies. Please demonstrate it so I can then promptly laugh at what you have proven.

Originally Posted by Roach View Post
You're right though the playerbase can not handle FF, thats very evident.
Thank you for finally getting the point.

Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Guess we can look foward to more Gravity wells at .5 km only affecting targets will the caster is immune to the hole in space-time, or targetable PSW's that only know how to affect the enemy or CPBs that only effect the enemy, etc, etc.
I would rather have a game that works properly and cannot be abused than vice versa.

Originally Posted by FirstAngelus
Well I dont see where "Smart Targert" is technobabble in comparison to many other things,... its, in the time STO takes place a simple and reasonable explanation...
A Smart Target dosent explain jack about why firing an expanding pulswave will ONLY hit enemies in the wave cone. The same applies to ALL Cone weapons. Someone is in front of you while you fire your gun - Sorry, no amount of 'Smart Target' is going to prevent that person from getting hit.

Result: BOFFs will end up KILLING YOU and NPCs will kill each other with their spray attacks. There is nothing the game engine is going to be able to do to avoid Friendly Fire when it comes to AI without serious issues.

Originally Posted by FirstAngelus
And the comunity not beeing able to hanlde FF.... well may be they = those whe cant handle it... would finally LEARN to handle it... and with it gaining a little skill.
I cant believe you are this dense not to get it yet.


Person 1 goes into Melee with an NPC
Person 2,3,4,5... shoots NPC with a Cone Weapon
Person 1 gets wasted

In an STF that might be avoidable
In a Warzone like Otha, Fleet Action like Breaking the Planet or combat zone like Deferri, Starfleet Academy that will be a disaster

How fun is it going to be to turn a corner in Starfleet Academy only to get a facefull of weapons fire because the person is fighting a holographic Klingon. Thats just going to be the ACCIDENT version.

Alternatively, someone goes into these with large AOE stuff in Deferri and goes out of their way to use them on enemies that are beside people.
Oh look, that guy is fighting a Borg, I'll just place myself into LOS so I can shoot that person in the back with a pulsewave or drop a stun grenande that nukes them both.

It's not about people simply learning to handle it, its about preventing people who ABUSE it from handling it.

Originally Posted by FirstAngelus
Also seeing wich abilitys are suggestet for FF... there would still be enough abilitys WITHOUT FF to pick for those who feel to capable...
Fine, you will support full 3D motion including the ability to invert your ship.
Those who cant handle it and get vertigo - Too bad, they can get a toggle that will keep them level.
Funny how myself and others suggested this repeatedly during beta and the resounding answer was: No, the majority do not want it and cant handle it per Cryptic trying it before.

We want realism... oh but we dont want THAT realism because we cant handle it.