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11-14-2011, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by J-Sheridan
What techno-babble explanation does Star Trek invent for weapons working on enemies but not on allies. Please demonstrate it so I can then promptly laugh at what you have proven.
Smart targeting is techno-babble and some that is used in other games to explain the otherwise impossible. Why do I have to prove that Star Trek is repleat with techno-babble and that one more use of such babble BS would not upset the balance?

Thank you for finally getting the point.
I've known for a while now that some players belong on the short bus, just didn't expect it to be so evident when FF was applied to mines and Tricobalts.
Game fun over realism is fine until it doesn't make sense, like so many things in STO do not.

I would rather have a game that works properly and cannot be abused than vice versa.
Even though the "working" game is so easily abused?

I cant believe you are this dense not to get it yet.
Oh, I get it. Just don't like it and feel if they can give a techno-babble reason for anything else they wish to explain away in ST, then it could work here too.
It makes complete sense why a vessel can go from 5% to 100% hull in a second or why that escort/raider/raptor can sit inside a gravity well while firing at its target and not be affected by it or how a Photonic shockwave can only effect the enemy in a crowded spawn point or any number of other ingame events.
One can only suspend disbelief so far before it just becomes impossible.