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Hey folks, there's a lot going on in Lotus Fleet RP... Come check it out!
  • Starship RP

Fleet Action
The Fleet Action, Azimuth Horizon: Crusade is becoming a reality! All of our currently 30 RPers will be involved in one gigantic story!

Check out the following threads in the Starbase 10 forum:
Homecoming: This thread involves those who have already returned to Starbase 10 while the McKenzie, Spectre, and Alsea are still on their missions.

USS Lotus
S2, E4: TBD
The Lotus is restaffing and being refit with the newest, best technology available in 2410! Their relaunch will begin with their participation in the Fleet Action!
Ship Crew Required: Chief Engineer, Chief Operations Officer

USS McKenzie
S2, E3: Devil in Disguise
The McKenzie crew attempts to infiltrate a group of fanatics, the Horizon's Children that threaten Lotus Fleet, the Federation, and the entire galaxy!
Ship Crew Required: Chief Operations Officer

USS Artemis
S1, E5: TBD
Back on Starbase 10, the Artemis will participate in the Fleet Action before finishing off their first season.
Ship Crew Required: Chief Tac/Sec Officer

USS Spectre
S1, E3:Ancient Artifacts
Chasing after a cloaked Klingon ship, the Spectre finds itself on Earth in the year 2011.
Ship Crew Required: Chief Medical Officer

USS Alsea
S1, E5: Echoes and Whispers
The Alsea must determine what the Klingons are doing near the Azimuth Horizon and stop them if necessary.
Ship Crew Required: Chief Medical Officer
  • General RP

The Ressurection of Icarus
A new Star Trek RP outside the normal Lotus Fleet Starship RP.

Star Wars: The Emperor's Men