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11-14-2011, 11:51 AM
Well since Torg was one of Jm'pok's key allies and was proved to be a traitor it's seems clear that Jm'pok is about as much what the Empire needs as a Tribble conservation programme. How epicly Klingon would it be have a story arc that features the overthrowing of the Jm'pok administration? And at the risk of sounding like a broken record...the Empire NEEDS Martok. The Klingon side needs memorable and significant figures of substance like Martok, or Chang (although he's too far back in history to be brought back unless the Guardian of Forever is taking requests).

Personally I reckon there's some serious mileage in this type of Klingon expansion - not only would be be more canon but would also go towards appeasing the Klingon player-base. Hopefully, once the dust has settled from the F2P conversion, this will be an area looked at by the devs as part of the commitment to increased Klingon content. Because, to be honest, throughout the entire Trek canon, the two instances where the Klingons are at their best is in times of war or internal political turmoil and from how the current in-game story goes, the war angle has stagnated - so bring on 'plan B'!