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11-14-2011, 01:11 PM
Originally Posted by Rodimus_
As seen in this forum, time and time again we're in the majority, Cryptic isnt going to make Stf for a small amount of players, remmber there here to make money, There no piont to have these Stfs if only a minority is ever going to play them, This isnt World of ********.

Also having real lives and problems out side this game i dont see as lazy, not everyone can have mommy and daddy pay the bills for us to sit around for 40 plus hours a week to play
The STFs are the only challenging PvE in the entire game and even though the Elite versions are more difficult than they were they don't seem as special now they're so short. Whereas The Cure pre Season 4 was an absolute nightmare with the one shots, proto drones and chain roots and stuns it was at least challenging and forced team work and co ordination, KA even now on Holodeck is still the only truly challenging PvE space combat with the timed objectives that have to be met but the revamped STFs are now little more than glorified fleet actions and the game as a whole is poorer for there loss IMO. The new versions are fun but they don't feel like Special Task forces, they feel like old fashioned Task Forces.
I can understand some didn't have time to play them but they (the STFs) weren't forced so they could have been left in for those that want a challenging team orientated mission and those uninterested or unwilling to put in the time can do what they do want to do; I don't PvP but don't think it should be made easier for me to get involved because I don't want to find time to learn, I just don't do it so don't understand why the STFs had to be changed for those that don't want to do them.