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11-14-2011, 01:26 PM
They should just stick with the featured episodes...

They've yet to get a single STF mission "right" (since they have continually changed them since Infected was released, even the dev team would have to admit they weren't right) and while the latest iteration of the STFs may please more people than the other versions, only time will tell if enough people care for forced team content to make spending resources on them worthwhile. How many FEs could have been created with the resources dumped into the STFs over the last few months? Regardless of how much love one has for the STFs, you have to concede that featured episodes have been received far better by the community of players than the STFs have been.

PVP... while I'm sure many people like it, hasn't exactly been something they've had any success with either. Does anyone have confidence that they will do whatever it takes to PVPers happy without completely causing all the PVE oriented players to quit? Is it even possible to please PVPers without doing something to completely frustrate or upset PVE players? I don't know, but I'm not confident the Dev team does either.

Since the new focus is the C-Store, just sell Featured Episodes via the C-Store and I'm sure enough people would buy them (assuming quality similar to that which we've had before) to keep dev's paychecks from bouncing.