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11-14-2011, 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by Rodimus_
As seen in this forum, time and time again we're in the majority, Cryptic isnt going to make Stf for a small amount of players, remmber there here to make money, There no piont to have these Stfs if only a minority is ever going to play them, This isnt World of ********.

Also having real lives and problems out side this game i dont see as lazy, not everyone can have mommy and daddy pay the bills for us to sit around for 40 plus hours a week to play
While true, you and those like you are the majority, who will come to play a game they know holds now other challenge than what they can buy in the Cstore and is designed to appeal those whom want all the cool stuff with none of the effort to get it?
Its not Star Trek fans evidently becuase all signs point to STO not doing well and hoping the fans will save it is silly unless Cryptic is happy making a static niche game like EVE.
It may not be the new F2P players once they find that things are too easy, dumbed down and the game offers no challenge in gameplay or virtual carrot to drive the player to play.
At what point does Cryptic design a game instead of a giant placation for a single fanbase?