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11-14-2011, 01:42 PM
Originally Posted by cavilier210 View Post
Fail is all it it.
LOL, yes... fail is all it it... Someone needs to turn that into a new meme...

I can see how making the STFs more accessible to non-fleet/regularly teamed players could be a negative thing, however there should be some consolation that only the elitest of the elite can get the elite gear by doing the elite STFs and proudly wear their elite costumes with their elite gear so everyone knows how elite they are. Ego stroking and elitism can still be a found in the STFs, it's just tied to the difficulty slider. But now you get these awesome costumes to wear in ESD so everyone knows how special you are!

Sarcasm aside, the concept of challenging game play isn't flawed. Everyone likes a nice challenge. The concept that the only way to present this challenge is through forced team content is where the flaw in logic comes in. The only focus on the STFs seems to be making sure they require 5 others players. Granted it IS a challenge to find 5 other decent players, but I don't think that simply overcoming the deficiencies in the player base should be how to acquire the best gear in the game.

Get a new dev, get someone whose focus is on trying to come up with a way to challenge the player in new and interesting ways. Leave the tired, old, contrived MMO-style raid gameplay mechanics to other games where people expect such things.

Making missions that are a challenge and fun to do on a team OR with your BOs would benefit the game far more than anything they could ever do with the STFs. And it is possible to really challenge someone outside of forcing them to spam "LFG" in chat or wait in queues.