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11-14-2011, 04:35 PM
Everything seens almost fine. I just got lost once trying to find the "crafter" (by the way, this doesn't feel like crafting. It feels more like a nerfed version of the STF vendor). Also, mission rewards seens a bit low. I don't feeel motivated to play a content just for EC. I would rather spend my time playing dailies on elite mode, and selling the drops on the exchange (with the aditional bonus of getting dilithium on the process). The ideal would be replace EC with a small amount of dilithium. But I do realise this may not fit the interests from Cryptic, so put anything better. The amount of EC is really low. I mean, 7200 EC near 6 million I have on my main is almost nothing. One thing could really draw players attention would be unify the Borg tech that drop on Defera with the STF's drops. Or allow a way to convert one into another. Or put them as the mission reward. There is several ways to put them on the mix, but I defitenately think putting they on the mix would motivate people to play the event over and over again. Also, the event is awesome and truly epic. It should give you a way to acess awesome gear. Even if that means to grind a ton (after all, awesome gear should not be easily obtainable).