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11-14-2011, 06:01 PM
Originally Posted by Enterprise-D View Post
The Original Series Bundle have had it's "Limited Time Offer!" as it says in the C-Store since the day it came out (many many months)...isn't it about time to remove that offer?

I'm referring to this part:

Limited Time Offer!
Purchase the Value Bundle TODAY and you'll also receive:
* Federation Costume Pack: TOS Dress Uniform
* Federation Costume Pack: TOS Medical Uniform
* Federation Costume Pack: TOS Command Uniform
If I had known that it would stay up for this long then I would had waited for a C-Store sale instead of buying it the day this bundle got added to the C-Store.

Could someone from Cryptic please comment on this?

btw it has the exact same text in Tribble (F2P) atm
Hell, I would have waited for F2P and the stipend. (And I'm a HUGE TOS fan)

Of course with the way the STO F2P model is shapintg up, I think the only 'limited time' aspect is until CBS puss the license; and or PWE and Cryptic close down STO.