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11-14-2011, 07:34 PM
Originally Posted by Englebert
Who cares about website traffic it didn't seem to help their profits.

5 weeks for a 20 minutes mission is such a waste of their resources. They could put that into something with high replay value. They will replay the mission a few times and get bored with it.

Things like fleet actions, PVP and STF's people can log days, week or months of actual game time. 5 weeks for something people log hours of game play is a waste.

It doesn't make much sense so I'm sure they will do it.
I think the fact that STO is hurting right now in the number of players could possibly be attributed to the lack of any new FE since March. Could that not be possible?

Could it also be possible that the lack of singleplayer content in the way of story is what many people are complaining about as the prime reason for lose of subscribers?

Could it be possible that PvP, while left unloved by STO devs, is NOT the reason people have played STO in the past? If they haven't done anything substantially new for PvP except for what is on tribble since launch, then why leave now because of lack of focus on PvP?

I venture the game started losing subscribers early this year when it became apparent that FEs were no longer a thing of the norm.