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11-14-2011, 09:09 PM
Originally Posted by Talonsin View Post
You would think if Cryptic noticed that memory Alpha was a ghosttown on the testing server it would give them an indication that the new changes are not fun.
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I posted something similar in the f2p Q&A board. Sit there and see how many people are still crafting now after the dilithium tax was added. The devs need to take notice of this and come up with a new strategy.

There have been a few good suggestions as to what could be done to make the dilithium tax more palatable.
Place a few vendors at memory alpha. One selling schematics for say 100 dilithium per lvl. And another selling rare particle traces at 5-10k Dilithium each. All would be in stock. You pick what you need.
I know I sat waiting aver 2 months to get 1 specific rare trace to craft 1 item.

All we see is more grind added on top of a bad one already. Give us a reason to want to craft. The dilithium cost is way to high as it stands on tribble now.

Again I say go to memory alpha and stand there and count how many people are still crafting. I didn't find any. Maybe you will have better luck. But I doubt it.