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# 1 CStore Purchases
11-14-2011, 10:33 PM
A while back I took advantage of purchasing several highend VA Klingon starships via the CStore when I was playing a Federation toon. Though at the time I had a few Klingon characters at a very low level and pretty much did not use them for a long time. However; since the recent annoucement of F2P, I took the initiative of playing my two Klink toons.

Today I began to level them, when I visited the CStore it stated that the ships I had previously purchased were still locked and needed purchasing to be unlocked.

My question is this, even though I purchased the Klingon vessel ingame while playing a Fed Toon, does it effect the purchase?

Even though my toons are now Lt Commander, why are they not showing up as purchased at the Klingon orbital shipyard?

I am currently running full speed ahead trying to get a Klingon toon to VA to see if they are available to me. I hate to re-purchase many of those ships again, they are expensive. Leveling a Klingon is extremely long and painful process due to the absence of missions, further more it feels like a dragfest since I have to repeat patrols like Kahless expanse and Pi Canis patrols

Keep in mind I made thses purchases while Cryptic was under Atari - via Atari points