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11-14-2011, 11:15 PM
Originally Posted by turrick
besides it would of be gone anyways with the new economy, you guys should be mad at the abusers not cryptic doing the right thing by taking it away but at the expense of others who hadn't known or did know but didnt want to abuse due to being wrong to abuse the system. they taken out va token for reaching va already in tribble and yes tribble counts for a reason what happens there happens in holodeck. Making this an issue is dumb to begin with, they need something else beside via tokens at 500 days like ship weapons or hologen for the ship/toon for different ships/races.
Why should we be mad at the "abusers"? To begin with, unless I am missing something, they were not really abusing the system. It was designed to give rewards at VA. The only reason that low level characters are getting the reward is due to the shift in the economy. If these "abusers" were smart enough to foresee that then more credit to them.

If Cryptic wanted to stop people from making low level characters to get dilithium, all they had to do is start awarding the emblems at VA instead of when the character was created. Clearly the abuse was not the overriding reason the emblems were removed.

I was looking forward to the emblems. I do think Cryptic should replace it with an equivalent amount of dilithium. I do not blame the "abusers" though. That is just an excuse because they could have modified the game to give out the emblems without being so easily exploited.