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11-14-2011, 11:42 PM
I'd like to see:

4 featured episode series at a minimum (same quality and length as current ones)

1 new tour of duty/story arc campaign minimum- for the KDF, possibly another for UFP. Maybe flesh out borg/undine missions more as those were shorter than the Klingon/Romulan/etc. Cool if they can structure it around something relating to exploration/science/diplomacy (puzzle solving, etc) rather than just another skirmish/war.

Season 5 brings major overhaul of exploration system

Updated tutorials which actually incorporate SFA/KA

Steady re-work of key missions in the present storyline, a'la Rescue the Azura.

Also, continuing improvement of PVP/STF/FEs but I cannot comment much about these specifically, since I don't really play any of that. Maybe the Season 5 revamp can be centered around "social gameplay".

Late 2012, Season 6 with delta quadrant (possibly even an entire "delta quadrant adventure" where you get "stuck" in the delta quadrant for the duration of the adventure, say 10-15 missions. No access to the familiar sector space or amenities (including your bank) during this time, to replicate the feeling of being stranded.

For 2013, increase featured episodes to 5 minimum, preferably 6, but scale back improvements to the game (because the major ones should get addressed in 2012, in exchange for only 4 featured series).

But here's my prediction of what we're actually going to get:
1 FE series, possibly as a C-store unlock. This will not arrive until a several months after F2P because they need the time to fix the bugs and polish/finish the game in F2P state, so mid-2012
At least 2 C-store ships released every month, including the Odyssey Class (released along with new FE)
More uniforms and pets, at least 1 per month each in C-store
Price increase in the C-store, to combat inflation caused by broken dilithium economy
And one of the following announcements:
-Announcement about Season 5 and a new FE (announced late 2012, for release in 2013)- F2P survives 1 year
-Announcement that the STO servers are going offline- F2P fails and STO dies