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11-14-2011, 11:56 PM
Slavery is a strange subject and one I haven't given that much thought of in Star Trek terms.

I knew Orions had slaves, and certainly Klingons had slave labor prisons, but how is slavery in Star Trek and how widespread is it? What other races have enforced labor? I know Remans have been and to some degree are still treated as slaves and second class citizens by the Romulans. Certainly the Klingons are exploitive of other races. Do Cardassians have slaves under the Deteppa counsil? Doesn't seem likely though Cardassians did use forced labor as a weapon against the occupied Bajorans. The Borg have ascended beyond slavery being individual and made it the collective state of their civilization, if they can be called a civilization?

Are the Federation the only major power that lack slavery? I am quite certain Deferi don't have slavery, but they are not a major power as such. Ferengi and Breen? Hmm.

How widespread is slavery in Star Trek?