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11-15-2011, 12:41 AM
Minimum: 20 - 25 Episodes a year with them ALL being the same season that goes through a full arc with some filler episodes along the way. Exactly how normal Seasons are done on TV. Naturally break it in half and have a mid-season cliffhanger.
Within that Season introduce new Fleet Actions and STFs as part of the season. Fighting on DS9 - Tada new DS9 Season STF and Fleet Action.

Cryptic could easily get away with offer one - two major 'expansions' a year that pulls this off and deal with bug-fixes and minor additions as needed in-between. The longer season time lets them actually develop arcs over a longer period and effectively make the new seasons weave into the game like the 'Fronts' rather than be some weird after-addition that gets jammed into a front.