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11-15-2011, 02:48 AM
You know, this above post is right. Its funny cause I watched STOked every week. And I have seen above mentioned episode. And that is about exactly what Peregrine Falcon said. I didn't think about it then, but its funny you mentioned it now. I have a feeling that most of Jupiter Forces Higher Leadership, those of them that will be on STOked regularly, probably have been around since launch. Which makes them knowledgeable people. It also make them biased, they have recieved their 250 emblems, so why would they care if something they already recieved gets taken away. "Sure take away the emblems, I already got mine anyway hahaha!"

Then Peregrine gets excited about the addition of something that does absolutely nothing for anyone who hasn't recieved the 250 emblems. Well Peregrine, You just took credit for something in my opinon sucks :p I don't know about your lower fleet members, but everyone in my fleet who hasn't gotten their emblems is highly upset, And those of us who have got them, are just as upset, unlucky fleet members will not see them. Maybe you should talk to your lower level members Jupiter Force. And if they are happy with Peregrine Falcons replacement for the 250 emblems, I am happy for them

If it seems like I am targeting Jupiter Force, I guess I sort of am, you guys have your own show. It comes with the territory. If you want to try to talk for the STO community, I guess you better watch what you say.

As mentioned above, a fair soloution will give something to everyone. Cryptic knows anyone after the tokens were taken away, up until F2P lauches, gets nothing. Why? Cause you will already have a VA token, you get one on holodeck now right now just for making VA. We all know this. So basically, as it is right now, "Perigrine Falcons way" after F2P goes live, if you are a 500 day Vet, you get a shiny VA ship token, unless you already have or used one.

Did you get that. They are taking away a reward right, and replacing it with another reward they took away from a different part of the game. So if they are replacing a VA ship token at 500 days to make up for the one we will lose for just making VA, then what replaces the 250 Emblems. It can't be the token, that replces the token right?!?