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11-15-2011, 03:43 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainGeko
Saucer separation just doesn't work on any ship other than a galaxy (spoiler alert - we are working on making the saucer sep console work on the dreadnought)
there might as well not be a galaxy R anymore then. its the worst at cruiser related duties, and there will be nothing unique about it.

im really tired of this issue being ignored by the devs, unlike the nonsensical excelsior complaining that caused its console rollback. one of your premium ships, the galaxy R of course, niche is that its the worst choice among cruiser

the galaxy R has everything working against it in this game. its new 9th console is nothing but an ability console dump location, its station setup doesn't help it heal or dps better then other cruisers, its innate movement ability is the worst by far, and its unique ability strips durability for maneuverability and does basically nothing to increase dps, despite its intention of being an enhanced tactical mode.

if the galaxy X is going to get to use saucer separation too, then the galaxy R and galaxy X should just merge into 1 premium ship.

with this change, the lance along with the 3rd nacelle should became a console too, in addition to the current cloaking console. the visuals of the 3rd nacelle, lance and the use of duel cannons should be linked to the new lance console too, just like the borg visuals are linked to the borg set pieces.

the end result should be a galaxy X/R with 4 engineering, 2 science, and 3 tactical consoles with a universal ensign station instead of ether an engineering or tactical station. its special consoles would be the cloak console, lance and nacelle console and separation console.

if people have bought both the galaxy R and X, give them 1600 c points, that's what both cost now. seriously, something like this needs to happen, there are to many galaxy variants, and one is terrible wile the other keeps getting better.