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11-15-2011, 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by Kavase
So because the game is going free to play, and there won't be any point in pre-ordering or buying the game in stores, would it be possible to have all of pre order goodies being purchasable via C-Store? The auto defence battery console as an example.
It was stated a while ago that pre-order items would be eventually turning up on the C-store, apart from the red-matter capacitor. I cannot wait for the other items to appear. I personally hope these appear:

Multi-Spatial Personal Shield
Chromodynamic Body Armor
Neodymium Deflector Array
Light-Phaser Satellite Turret
EMH Science Console
Automated Defense Battery Console
Radiometric Converter Engineering Console

It would be preferable to make these items level up as their current stats aren't that good for high-level players.