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11-15-2011, 08:37 AM
There's a reason you have to invest your tier 5 skill points in Anti-Proton damage, it's supposed to hit harder. It's an endgame weapon that you have to either invest a lot of resources in either marks, or resource samples to fully outfit your ship with them. The problem is that on the exchange you can sell the crafting materiel required to make good stuff and get a lot more money from that than the weapons sell for, making it easier for lots of people to get them. AP's fine, the problem is that other than Phasers (which many would argue is more effective since you don't have to invest as many skillpoints for it, and the proc actually does something) the other weapons types need a serious boost in order to be useful at endgame. Polaron especially needs some love since it costs the same in skillpoints at AP, but the effect isn't worth the cost often.