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11-15-2011, 02:22 PM
Originally Posted by kirian_darkstar View Post
I think I need to add that the Carrier BoP are already "buffed" up. and reduced to 4 on Tribble.

My typical fight begins like so:
Get all 4 BoP deployed, before the fight even starts, which takes me a little over 40 seconds to accomplish now since the BoPs are now Rare with a dployment speed buff, combined with 2 Flight Deck Officers from the Doff system roster, which results in a little over 30 second cooldown time for each one, at 80 Aux power, and you no loger have to be within 15km of a target to deploy anymore,
They will actually cloak on the onset of their Alpha attack run,
They use CRF1 on their own,
They use HY1 on their own now too.
This concludes with NPC Typhoon class battleships lasting about 5 seconds from start of fight to finish...
And mind you, they are the "new" properly leveling type now on Tribble.

I had the same result with the D'diridex that the Fed ships were having trouble with also.

My 4 BoP, if left to fight a Cube on their own, tend to destroy said Cube, on their own.

My BoP barely get a scratch when Tricobalt mines blow up in their faces.

So, it's now my belief that the new rearrangement for the Carriers to reduce spam, is JUST FINE!
I don't have any problems with the Vo'Quv on Tribble has it is right now in PVE.

My Bulid is a bit outdated and I've seen some great new builds for Carriers poping up that I can't wait to try out.

The Kar'Fi is a Beast on Tribble right now